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The main theme of the conference is "Unraveling the logics of landscapes". Despite conceptual oscillations through times, the concept of landscape remains highly subjective, whereupon unraveling its 'logics' opens up to a plurality of interpretations. The conference will elaborate on how the rural landscape is valued, monitored, changed, harbored, used and misused, be it through actions, representations or metaphors. There are a large number of organized sessions planned for PECSRL 2014 as well as sessions relating to the general themes of the conference.


  • Biosphere reserves and other international landscape labels
  • Ecosystem services: limits and possibilities
  • Landscape and gardens
  • Landscape as heritage
  • Landscape character assessments and the nature-culture integration
  • Landscape management and practical knowledge
  • Models and techniques in landscaping
  • Planned landscapes and historical perspectives on landscape planning
  • Rural landscapes: concepts and approaches

    During PECSRL 2014 there will be 28 special sessions (please note that there are no sessions named 004, 009, 018, 019, 024 and 026). There will also be one designated poster session. Click on the session titles to view the session overview, including the presentation order, authors and abstract titles (also for contact information).

    Tourism and recreation drives rural economies whilst also driving rural conservation 001
    Political landscapes: Materiality, power, and critique 002
    That is why we eat sheep: Combining nature management and extensive meat production 003
    Visioning for re-coupling social and ecological landscape components 005
    Landscape challenges in EU's new agricultural policy. How did and how will the Common Agricultural Policy change the rural landscapes in Europe? 006
    Travelling landscapes 007
    Energy production systems and rural landscape qualities 008
    How can society value its cultural landscapes: Is monetary valuation the best or only way 010
    Rethinking ecosystem services - special focus on cultural services 011
    Unraveling the logics of renewable energy landscapes 012
    Unraveling the concepts of sustainability as logics of mountain landscapes 013
    Spatial analysis based on categorial map data: How to address fluctuating landscape processes through the analysis of historical cartographic sources, landscape representations and spatial data 014
    The logic of landscapes and antiquarian practice 015
    Future farming: What role will and should European farming play in the future, and which consequences will it have for landscapes? 016
    Peri-urban landscapes - sustainability potential for the future 017
    Landscape monitoring - understanding and communicating landscape change 020
    Under urban mask: On rural landscapes with different logics 021
    Unraveling the logics of food landscapes 022
    Geographical indications, place based branding, landscapes and rural development 023
    Landscape Accessibility - how to enter a world of mystery 025
    Bridging people and place through landscape identity 027
    Linking society and ecosystems in rural landscapes 028
    The forces behind landscape change 029
    Garden landscapes 030
    Landscape management 031
    Landscape and heritage 032
    Visual methods 033
    Identity, gender and history 034
    Poster session -

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    The poster session will take place in Gothenburg, on Tuesday, 9 September, 15.00-15.45 in the Grand Hall of the Conference Centre Wallenberg.

    There will also be possibilities to display your poster in Mariestad.

    The format for your accepted poster is maximum 120 x 80 cm in vertical alignment ("portrait").
    Please bring your printed poster to the conference.